In Farmacia Corredoria we take very seriously the safety regarding personal and payment information, it is because of it that we work with Caja Rural de Asturias as a "Secure E-commerce". Besides, our payment system is certified and verified by VISA and MASTERCARD.

1.- Personal information

The data processing of private character will be gathered in an automated data file of private character registered in the Spanish Data Protection agency, as Farmacia Corredoria (Farmacia Lucía Santamaría Larena) as responsable.

2.- Payment methods

The payment of the price of the goods purchased and the shipment expenses could be made by cash on delivery, credit card, by bank transfer or Paypal.
You may choose, in the moment to make the purchase, the system preferred for your payment.

3.- Safe payment

As an electronic payment system, Farmacia Corredoria uses Servired-Caja Rural de Asturias as swipe card reader for electronic trade payments.
All the information provided to these effects is encrypted under the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layers) to guarantee the maximun safety of the same ones.